Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life has been VERY busy for me!! A lot has happened since my last post in entertainment news and with me and my hair!!

First of all Vesta died!!! I know I am late in posting this but I feel that it is still newsworthy. It is a shame that she died so young. She was an incredible singer who could SAANNNGG.

She will be remembered forever.

I have also changed my hair!!! After being natural for the past five months I have grown tired of twisting my hair at niteL I got braids on last Friday (took five hours) but I am sooo loving the fact that I can go to sleep without any preparation!!! I plan to keep them for a while.

Right Side

Left Side


Left Side again

Top View

I must say these braids were TIGHT!!!! i could not sleep straight for three nights. Thankfully they are not as tight anymore and I can breathe and really enjoy my hair!!!

Until later,
Remain Royal

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