Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting My Groove Back.........

Wow...let's just say after having a baby your life abd body change in a MAJOR way!!! When pregnant I only gained about 22 punds. I have lost pretty much all the weight and am back at pre-baby weight. It just appears that my weight has shifted to other parts of my body (sounds weird, right?) While preggo I couldn't imagine myself without my tummy and now that I am no longer with child...I am ready to get back to my pre baby fab!!

I am seeking to get my groove back and be that Triple F Diva again. You may ask what Triple F stands for....Funky, Fly, Fresh). So, now I must watch what I eat and work out!!! While getting back to Triple F status I will also be on the hunt in a MAJOR way for some new gear. As an educato,r I tend to purchase items that can be used pretty much for work. I must now change that and but items for work and play. I am back in my heels and I'm loving that but I must purchase more heels as well. Currently, I am realy digging the FLOTUS' style. She has always worn timeless and classic pieces.


While I am not the kitten heel type of gal I truly do love her style. I would just vamp mine up a bit with a higher heel. So, while I can't dress like the FLOTUS on a daily basis I wouldn't mind adding some more classic and timeless pieces to my wardrobe.

Anyone else need to Get Their Groove Back....?

Please comment so we can discuss.....

Remember to Always Remain Royal,

Queen Pen


Saturday, January 5, 2013

What People Don’t Tell You…..

So in my last post I shared the trials I faced becoming pregnant. I am so thrilled and happy that I was able to experience those wondrous 9 months. It was an amazing feeling and God wiling I will be able to experience it again. Having a baby changes your world COMPLETELY!!! It is a welcomed change now that hubby and I have gotten somewhat adjusted J  There are however things people don’t tell you…..

v  Complete strangers will approach you to try and touch/hold your baby. Anyone that knows me knows that I have very telling facial expressions but they don’t stop the baby snatchers.

v  While changing your baby in a public restroom people will tell you how small your baby is….my baby is 5 months old and weighs 15 pounds…she is NOT 3 months old…geez people.

v  People will say VERY weird things…..”Is that your baby?”, “Are you the father?” Why would I have a baby this size not mine out with me eating?!?!?

Being a mother is an experience that I am glad to have but people make you leery of them and somewhat paranoid. Hubby says he is always on guard because we both know people are crazy. Babies for whatever reason bring out the touchy, feely in strangers. If I know you that’s one thing and I am cool but STRANGERS need to back off!!!!

What to do? Anyone else ever experience this?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Beginning....

Wow....this has been a long time coming. I began this blog as a way to discuss my life, my new natural journey, fashion and anything else that came about. Well as the saying goes life happens and it happened to me in a HUGE way. The beginning of this blog occurred after I'd had surgery and perused the Internet to no end while being at home. After viewing numerous blogs I thought to myself, "I can do that!" Well, that was not an easy feat and my husband grew tired quick of taking pictures. Shortly thereafter I discovered that we were expecting a little one and well I just grew tired FAST!!! So as you can see taking a break was necessary. After attending the 2013 New Year's Eve worship service and listening to other's testimony it hit me...I have a testimony that I'd like to share. We think life is/should be so perfect but I'm quite sure that most of you know that is so far from the truth.

Are you ready??? Here goes.......

My husband and I got married in 2007 and we had discussed having a child but did not really set a time frame of when we wanted it to occur. Fast forward three years later...the bug hit us and we were ready. Yes, we were ready but my body was not. In 2004, I discovered I had fibroids that were not painful but just caused very heavy cycles. At the age of 26 I was being told to have a hysterectomy!!! Why?? I had no children!!! This was all wrong so I sought a second opinion and had a myomectomy performed in 2004 that helped with my heavy cycles. The fibroid was located inside my uterus which looked to be about the size of a grapefruit. Once that was removed I felt relief and saw a HUGE improvement in my stomach.

Fast forward five years later I found out they were back...this time with a vengeance. I had excruciating cycles and would be paranoid that I would have accidents (sometimes I did). This was NOT the way to live for me. So, I went to the doctor and during my yearly appointment we discussed my fibroids, their location and the possibility of me having children. I was informed that they were once again located in my uterus (which is not good because a baby and fibroids cannot compete) and since I had a history of prior fibroids it was best that I just get a hysterectomy (the second time I am hearing this). Well, I refused to accept that and sought another opinion. This time I was told that there was a new procedure being tested and with my fibroid being the size that it was I qualified for the trial studies. The name of the procedure escapes me at this time but at this point I was ready to have some relief. I was prescribed Vicodin before the procedure to help deal with the pain....Vicodin did not help at ALL. I was still in excruciating pain that never subsided until I had huge blood clots pass through. Then the pain and stress began all over again. The procedure was finally scheduled for September 2009. I was placed in an outpatient room in the doctor's office. I had my IPOD in my ear listening to tunes as they stuck a probe into my uterus. The probe was basically shaped like an ink pen that had "teeth" on the end.  The "teeth" were to basically ingest the fibroid and relieve me from my pain and heavy cycles. I left the office that day with 800mg Motrin with my hubby and mama. I came home and rested and felt better. Life seemed to be getting back on track for me....until December 2009. We were in Savannah, GA celebrating our second year anniversary having a blast. On the way coming home my cycle began...and so did the pain. I cried the whole way coming home. I called my doctor because I had yet to have a followup after my procedure. I was scheduled to go in the beginning of January 2010 but until then I had to suffer in pain. I was so glad to go to my followup appointment because I just knew that something was wrong with me. I had the trial procedure done and they told me that all the fibroid had been removed so why was I in excruciating pain still? Could the fibroid have grown back that fast?

I will never forget meeting with the doctor who told me "We were unable to remove all of the fibroid. The uterus was too convoluted for us to remove everything. We just couldn't see it all. If you were my daughter I would tell you the same thing, have a hysterectomy." Once again I was hearing these daunting words...why was everyone telling me to have a hysterectomy? Was it just not meant for me to have a baby? As I left the doctor's office and headed back to work (yea I am crazy) I cried the whole way there. At the time I was working out of town and it took me about 30-40 minutes to get to work and yes...I cried the whole way going there. I'd spoken to my husband, mama and grandma but no one could provide me the solace I was seeking. I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance. I vowed that I would seek a second opinion. Shortly thereafter I found another doctor who was unlike any I had seen before. Although I'd been to several doctor's to discuss my fibroids this doctor pulled out a book and showed me how a fibroid looked inside the uterus. I had an ultrasound of my uterus and was told there was a chance that the fibroid could be removed and I would be able to have a hysterectomy was even mentioned. I underwent yet another myomectomy in March 2010. Even though I'd been through this procedure before this time it felt different. I guess because I was now married and thinking about having a family...that changes the way you think alot!! I said my prayers and knew it would all be fine. My surgery went well and I was at home for 6 weeks recouping. When I returned for my six week check up I was told things looked good and we could begin trying to get pregnant. I then became scared....why?? This was what I'd wanted but was scared beyond scared now!!!

December 2011 my husband and I discovered that we were pregnant and would be having a bundle of joy in August 2012!!!! Talk about excited.... we were but my pregnancy was not without complications and as a matter of fact considered high risk.  Due to the previous myomectomies my uterus could become shortened, I'd developed placenta previa and I had high blood pressure (from my job..ugh). Regardless of my complications we had a healthy, beautiful and precious baby girl!!!

I know that this has been a long story but I felt the need to share my testimony and begin the year anew. I will try to update this blog at least once a week sharing my thoughts about being a wife, mother, daughter, natural hair and fashion lover!! I hope that you enjoyed reading. Please come back soon.

Remain Royal,