Friday, October 28, 2011

Pieces of Me!!!!!

Yes, we are headed to see LEDISI tonight and I can NOT wait. So excited:)

All Smiles!!!!!

 These shoes were love at first sight!!! I Can NOT wait to wear them. They can go with so much, black, red, tan/khaki. These are the Jessica Simpson Cheetah pumps. LOVELY!!!!!!

Remain Royal

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only Built for Cuban Linx

So my hubby took me out to a Cuban restaurant-- A Piece ofHavana. When we walked in we were both amazed at the small sized dining area. We were even more amazed at the long tables they had placed on the floor that practically took up the whole walking area. As we sat down we perused the menus trying to decide what we would eat. There was a lot of interesting sounding food. This was my first time in a Cuban restaurant.

 I decided to have a Jupina (pineapple soda) that was sooooo good!!! For our appetizer we had crispy fried Plantain slices with a Mojo sauce. The plantains were good. I did not like the sauce very much, it was kind of spicy. 

For dinner I had the Havana Chicken which was grilled to perfection for twelve hours topped with onions. I had rice and plantains as my sides.

 My hubby had Stewed Shredded Beef with rice and black beans.

Overall, I would like to say that I am proud that we are willing to try various types of food but I did not like it. The rice for me was mushy with the various veggies inside of it. The chicken was good. The pricing and portion sizes were excellent.

What I'm Wearing............

I am wearing a navy and grey blazer with a navy cami and navy slacks. The blazer was bought on a HUGE discount. The blazer was regularly priced $89 and was on sale for $49.99 and with an additional 40% off. The navy slacks were bought from JCPenney's for about $20. Oh, my necklace was bought for me by my husband as a gift!!!   I felt stylish today:)

What do you think?

I am going to start buying more dresses. I do enjoy wearing my slacks but I feel more feminine in dresses and want to show my legs off more. Nothing is more fierce than a nice power suit but dresses.....I do love. While perusing another blogger's site: and she was discussing a site for wonderful dresses. The site: is AMAZING!!! I plan on purchasing some items from this site and will be sure to let you know what I think of my purchases.

Until later,

Remain Royal

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Break Needed

Below you will see pics of my hair after it was untwisted in the morning before heading to work. These pics were taken before I received my braids. I was sooo glad to get a break from nightly twisting of my hair. Since I BC’d 6 months ago, my hair gotten thicker. I went to the protective style  in efforts to give my hair a break and my hands……

Twists just undone

Some definition visible after picking

More view of definition after picking

What I’m Wearing

This was taken prior to me leaving home for work. I have a grey and white pinstriped suit that I purchased at Ross for approximately $30 two years ago. I put a pink cami underneath with black Nine West pumps.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I write and wonder if anyone is really reading what I am writing. It is exciting to see people who are following me and actually take an interest in what i write. I know that I am a follower to a LOT of blogs. I enjoy learning about new things and reading what others have to say.

I want to say THANKS to ALL of my followers. Please encourage others to join the site. I promise to update more.

Remain Royal!!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life has been VERY busy for me!! A lot has happened since my last post in entertainment news and with me and my hair!!

First of all Vesta died!!! I know I am late in posting this but I feel that it is still newsworthy. It is a shame that she died so young. She was an incredible singer who could SAANNNGG.

She will be remembered forever.

I have also changed my hair!!! After being natural for the past five months I have grown tired of twisting my hair at niteL I got braids on last Friday (took five hours) but I am sooo loving the fact that I can go to sleep without any preparation!!! I plan to keep them for a while.

Right Side

Left Side


Left Side again

Top View

I must say these braids were TIGHT!!!! i could not sleep straight for three nights. Thankfully they are not as tight anymore and I can breathe and really enjoy my hair!!!

Until later,
Remain Royal