Sunday, November 6, 2011

Miss Jessie Twist Out Results……….

Miss Jessie's

Gwen's Blends

I really like the results!! It seems to give me the same results as the Gwen’s Blends I purchased at the World Natural Hair Show. One thing I forgot to mention was after using the Curly Pudding my hands felt weird. Almost as though I had a plastic coating on them….did not feel good!! I know that Miss Jessie’s has some “bad” stuff in it for natural hair but I wanted to try them out. I did like the Super Sweetback Treament and would love to try that again in my hair for the recommended allotted time.

Can you tell a difference between the two pics???

Remain Royal

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  1. Miss Jessie's uses petroleum and other synthetics and plastics. That's probably what you felt on your hands.