Thursday, November 17, 2011

I see your true colors…..

I decided to color my hair at home. I’ve always had some type of coloring in my hair. As a relaxed woman my hair was always a sandy brown color and I hated that I could never get it to shine. So, I turned to color. Well, when I chopped my hair in April 2011 it turned a dark brown almost black!?!? I was/am very confused where this color came from. So, last Friday night I made a date with myself and my hair to add some color. I used Hi-Rez  Brazen Bronze color by Soft Sheen Carson. Well I must say that the color is not as brazen as I would like it to be so I am quite certain that I will get some boosting done to lighten and darken to bring about some more contrast. So, for now enjoy the pics below.

Color used

Color Processing

Color three days after

Another view-sunlight shining

Another view of hair color
Previous Coloring (2010)

Previous Coloring (2007)

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