Saturday, September 17, 2011

Here We Go.............

Finally I can share with you some of my pics and products bought at The World Natural Hair Show!!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself there. My cousin attended with me and she enjoyed herself too. She has been a natural for over 10 years!!!!! She know wears a sew- in but has gone to her local Dominican Salon to have her hair done for a while now. She will be a guest on here really soon to share her experience!!Our first stop was the Alikay Natural booth. I purchased the Bentonite Me Baby 100% Pure Bentonite Clay (for face and hair). I also purchased Shea Yogurt Hair Moisture. Free samples of the Moisture Rich Hair Parfait were given out. (see pics below). I have already used the Bentonite Clay for a facial twice and I must say…….WOW!!!! It leaves my skin smooth and soft. The feeling is similar to what Amla has also done for my face. (Alma dried out acne bumps fast!!!). I did enjoy the experience. Today I am washing my hair and I’ve put the Bentonite Clay on my hair. So I will update you when I am done.

Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer with cards

Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturzier

Bentonite Me Baby Clay Mask

Moisture Rich Hair Parfait Sample

The next booth we stopped by was Klutch. This is a beauty line from Gretna, LA. I must say I have been wearing this make up and I am impressed. The foundation is like a crème to powder and then I have the powder. This makeup is flawless and is great for photography. I must say I have fallen in love. My cousin bought some lipgloss from them that looks amazing. They also had eye makeup with GREAT pigmentation. I must look them up online to purchase some more products!!

We strolled around some looking and not really buying much for a while. We even went out into the foyer area for a break—much needed!!! When we reentered we stopped by a booth for Nudred. It is “The Hair Twisting Miracle”. The product is basically a sponge that you use to twist lightly over your hair and it twists your hair for you (sounds crazy). It was very amazing. I allowed the stylists to use the product on my hair. (As soon as my cousin can forward me the video I will post!!) The product claims to twist your hair in 20 minutes or less and believe me it WORKS!!! 
(no purchase for me though).

We also stopped by Gwen’s Blends (I’d never heard of them before) and I purchased a sample pack that included: shampoo, hair conditioner (leave-in) and hair lotion (can be used daily). I tried this product as SOON as I got back home……..ooooooooo boy!!! The shampoo does not have a lot of suds but I was VERY happy with my twist out results. The product did give my hair shrinkage but it gave my twist outs GREAT definition. Even my hubby agreed that it made a difference. See below………

I just used the hair lotion on dry hair to re-twist my hair and got great results. My only 
complaint is that the hair lotion is kind of sticky but still in love with it.

After using Gwen's Blends

Aerial view of twist out after using Gwen's Blends

Our last stop was Shea Moisture. I just really like their products and at 3 for $20 what can you say?!?!?!? That’s like buying two and getting one for free since the products retail for $9.99 in Walgreens and Target. So, I bought some products for me and my mother (Curl Milk, Shampoo, and the new gel). I haven’t tried the product (gel) yet but I am sure to do so in the next few weeks.

So I hope you enjoyed “seeing” the hair show through my eyes!! My cousin and I have already decided it is on our list for next year!!!

Remain Royal

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