Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting My Groove Back.........

Wow...let's just say after having a baby your life abd body change in a MAJOR way!!! When pregnant I only gained about 22 punds. I have lost pretty much all the weight and am back at pre-baby weight. It just appears that my weight has shifted to other parts of my body (sounds weird, right?) While preggo I couldn't imagine myself without my tummy and now that I am no longer with child...I am ready to get back to my pre baby fab!!

I am seeking to get my groove back and be that Triple F Diva again. You may ask what Triple F stands for....Funky, Fly, Fresh). So, now I must watch what I eat and work out!!! While getting back to Triple F status I will also be on the hunt in a MAJOR way for some new gear. As an educato,r I tend to purchase items that can be used pretty much for work. I must now change that and but items for work and play. I am back in my heels and I'm loving that but I must purchase more heels as well. Currently, I am realy digging the FLOTUS' style. She has always worn timeless and classic pieces.


While I am not the kitten heel type of gal I truly do love her style. I would just vamp mine up a bit with a higher heel. So, while I can't dress like the FLOTUS on a daily basis I wouldn't mind adding some more classic and timeless pieces to my wardrobe.

Anyone else need to Get Their Groove Back....?

Please comment so we can discuss.....

Remember to Always Remain Royal,

Queen Pen



  1. Well, my groove never left, but I do need to start exercising. The hardest part for me is to actually take the first step. Once I get into an exercise routine and see a difference, I will go shopping for some new digs and be ready for the Spring.

    1. Exercise is key!! Once the pounds start to shed its definitely time to start buying new digs! The shopping part is so much fun!!