Saturday, January 5, 2013

What People Don’t Tell You…..

So in my last post I shared the trials I faced becoming pregnant. I am so thrilled and happy that I was able to experience those wondrous 9 months. It was an amazing feeling and God wiling I will be able to experience it again. Having a baby changes your world COMPLETELY!!! It is a welcomed change now that hubby and I have gotten somewhat adjusted J  There are however things people don’t tell you…..

v  Complete strangers will approach you to try and touch/hold your baby. Anyone that knows me knows that I have very telling facial expressions but they don’t stop the baby snatchers.

v  While changing your baby in a public restroom people will tell you how small your baby is….my baby is 5 months old and weighs 15 pounds…she is NOT 3 months old…geez people.

v  People will say VERY weird things…..”Is that your baby?”, “Are you the father?” Why would I have a baby this size not mine out with me eating?!?!?

Being a mother is an experience that I am glad to have but people make you leery of them and somewhat paranoid. Hubby says he is always on guard because we both know people are crazy. Babies for whatever reason bring out the touchy, feely in strangers. If I know you that’s one thing and I am cool but STRANGERS need to back off!!!!

What to do? Anyone else ever experience this?

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