Saturday, July 23, 2011

So Sad……..


I remember telling my husband who is a true connoisseur of music about an up and coming artist I’d heard being advertised on a television commercial. She was new to the US but not new to music…AMY WINEHOUSE…truly had a sound unlike any other that I have heard during my lifetime. She patterned her style after many of the late greats who were prominently known during the Motown days.
Debuting in 2003 with the album FRANK, Amy was nominated for the Mercury Award. Three years later, in 2006, BACK TO BLACK was released securing five Grammy Awards. BACK TO BLACK was a cd that stayed on rotation heavily in my car. I loved it!!!
On her last album the song “Rehab” seemingly paralleled to her personal life as she has had well publicized difficulties with drugs and alcohol.  It seems as though the battle with drugs and alcohol was not conquered and quite evident in a recent performance she had showing that she was unsteady and under the influence.

This is a sad day for music history as her sound and voice will definitely be missed. It is sad when ones art cannot shine through because of life difficulties. People if you need help PLEASE seek it out!!! Family members get the help your loved ones deserve so that they can get better!!!

 I will surely have her cd on rotation for the next few weeks. 

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