Saturday, July 2, 2011


I wanted to take some time and share what I use as a co-wash on my hair. I love this product and it really gives me some curlies as it sits on my hair and while I am washing it!! I am sooo glad that I ran across this product. After my co-wash I am just going to dry my hair (with a t-shirt) and pick it out to air dry. I am not going to put any product on my hair tonight. I know that when I awake in the morning I will have flat, dry hair but I will spray some Shea Moisture Hold and Shine Hair Moisture Mist and pick it out. I will be product FREE tomorrow!!! Oh, and I am going to get a tape up. When I first cut my hair I was given a round tape and I did not like it once I changed my hairstyle so I am letting my edges in the front grow back.  

My FIRST style while being natural, notice my lack of hair along the edges???? (circular)

Co-Washing with Suave

After I have co-washed...see my curlies shining through?? 

What I use to Co-Wash (only 1.84 at your local Target)

Freshly t-shirt dried and picked!!! I am not sure why I have this reddish tint to my hair?!?!? I have always had  brownish hair color naturally but this looks kind of red to me.....

So, to all the Queens out there what do you use to co-wash OR wash your hair with? What products can you and your hair NOT live without???

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