Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funny Things......

Since I have cut my hair I have experienced many stares (some good, some bad). It is amazing to me especially the funny stares I receive from my fellow African American women. I have seen people just gawk at me, others have jumped as if "Oh my". I see these stares and I hold my head even higher because I am experiencing such freedom that it does not matter. I live in SC and the past few mornings have been humid and VERY muggy--- no worries for me because I am living fancy free with my hair. In my relaxed days, I would have dreaded going out in weather like this because my curls would drop and my hair would look horrid all day because of the morning dew. Now I marvel in letting the morning dew-or God's little kisses- touch my hair---its all no worries. So these are funny things but I love who and what I am. Hubby says its a revolutionary act that many are not ready for..I say I'm suited and ready for war---war with the gawkers.

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