Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Been A Minute......

So, I have been gone for a little bit:) It has been hectic for me with work, taking care of home and just living life!!! The world has also experienced turmoil with the flooding and tornadoes.....lives have definitely been changed forever.

I am still rocking my 'fro and loving IT!!!

OK....these pics are a little fuzzy but you get the idea:) I think I just need to take pics with the camera and leave the Blackberry camera alone!?!?!? But like I said earlier...I am LOVING IT!!!! So carefree...didn't think it would be like this. Oh, my mother has an afro too so we are rocking 'fros together. I will do a post on her later.

I will be adding new features soon......Mo Knows (entertainment news) and Ear Candy (music reviews).

Stay tuned and continue being a QUEEN!!!!

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